Building Community Online

This material stems from the presentation “Building Community Online with Social Software,” first offered June 6, 2007 Summer Faculty Institute and subsequently on October 23, 2007. See also the notes for the workshop “Fostering a Sense of Community in Online Classes” (March 2008).


This presentation is also available at SlideShare.


Google Apps

Start playing with Google Apps, including Google Docs and Blogger, here.


Blogger (set up a blog)

Xannga (set up a blog)

Live Journal (set up a blog)


PBWiki (set up a wiki)

Wiki Spaces (set up a wiki)


Media Sharing

Flickr (Flickr photo sharing)

YouTube (YouTube video sharing)

Slideshare (Slideshare slideshow sharing)

Instant Messenging

AIM (AIM instant messaging)

Yahoo IM (Yahoo instant messenger)

Skype (Skype internet phone and messenger)

Web Clipping

Clipmarks (Clipmarks web clipping)

Diigo (Diigo web clipping)

Google Notebook (Google notebook and clipping)

i-lighter (i-ligher web clipping)

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