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267. John Evens curates a scoop.it website that follows news and ideas about iPads in education. more...

266. Here are nine presentation apps for the iPad. more...

265. Intervue.me lets you create questionnaires and allow the recipients to leave video recorded answers. more...

264. Lots of resources to help with Google Docs. more...

263. FreeMind is a free java-based mind-mapping software. more...

262. Collecting, Annotating and Redistributing Student Work using an iPad, GoodReader, Dropbox (and optionally Jotform). more...

261. A workflow for managing student blogging using iPad and a few good apps. more...

260. 7 Things You Should Know about iPad Apps for Learning. more...

259. Should college students consider buying an iPad to use in place of netbook or notebook computer? Four problems to consider. more...

258. Mark Guzdial explains how he uses Ubiquitous Presenter to facilitate peer instruction and student interaction in the classroom. more...

257. Use twitter with your presentations using free PowerPoint Twitter Tools. ...more

256. The E-Learning References Daily uses paper.li to aggregate news on e-learning in a traditional newspaper format.

255. Check out MacLearning.org for discussion about using Apple technologies in education. “Our mission is to encourage innovative education through the open exchange of information, solutions, and ideas.”

254. A group of digital humanist have developed Anthologize, a new plugin that will allow WordPress users to gather and organize texts into a single book format. ...more

253. Prezi lets you create amazing presentations that move your audience through ideas and images. ...more

252. An online calendar, like Google Calendar, can make class scheduling easy. ...more

251. Technological literacy needs to mean something more than just knowing how to operate a computer. ...more

250. 7 things You Should Know About Zotero. ...more

249. Aviary is a free suite of powerful online creation tools that allow you to edit photos, audio, music and screen captures. ...more

248. Larry Sanger writes about using the internet for education in “Individual Knowledge and the Internet Age.” ...more

247. ProfHacker is a great blog on technology from the Chronicle of Higher Education. ...more

246. Brian Croxall reflects on his teaching with social media. ...more

245. So you want to twitter/tweet with your student? Here are some suggestions. ...more


244. Do students use faulty technology as an excuse for late work? Here are some sample policies for your syllabus. ...more

243. Great list of social media technologies for educators. ...more

242. “Peeling Back the Petals: Getting to the heart of teaching and learning” is a site by Lisa Young dedicated to “sharing information on instructional design strategies, delivery and facilitation techniques, and instructional technologies.” ...more

241. New at JOLT: “Using the Four-Questions Technique to Enhance Critical Thinking in Online Discussions” ...more

240. Here's the ultimate guide for using Twitter for social learning: building community, communicating, collaborating. ...more

239. Interested in authoring and course development tools? ...more

238. Sharing documents on Google Docs is getting easier. ...more

237. Turn text into visually interesting tag clouds. ...more

236. Education Week explores digital document annotation on various portable computing devices. ...more

235. Here are 50 ways to use Twitter in the classroom. ...more

234. The Awesome Highlighter lets you highlight text on any web page and share it with others. ...more

233. Project Based Learning. A review on CiteseerX. ...more

232. 100 online intro courses from a variety of disciplines. ...more

231. Over 70 Screen Capture, Screencasting and Software Demo Tools. ...more

230. Check out eLearn Magazine, an online resource that puts education and technology in perspective. ...more

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